Friday, July 25, 2008

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa International Challenge 2009 Update - 25th July 2008

The show beings and contestants sing the title song of De Taali.. Aditya joins them to continue the song... Aditya welcomes the audience and a recap of the last week is shown.. Today the 3rd batalilan will be performing... The mentors are introduced in the usual style.. Asha tai is also greeted..

The first gharana to perform is Rock Gharana..

Fareed Ahmed from Jaipur sings Zindagi mein koi kabhi aaye na rabba..
Singers - Vasundra Das and Sukhwinder Singh.. MD - Anu Malik..

Darshana Menon from Michigan sings Jaane kyaa chahe mann.. Singer - Zubeen.. MD - Pritam.


Shankar - Fareed, you have improved a lot and consciously you have opened up on the whole... For Darshana he says, you can do much better.. Darshana apologizes and Shankar says,
All the best, Do well in the next round..

Pritam - Fareed, I loved your song.. I like your voice texture... For Darshana he says, Your song choice was wrong.. This did not suite your voice quality..

Aadesh - For Darshana, You must not attempt the male song and alaap was also not necessary.. Fareed, the beginning was mindblowing.. I was totally locked hearing to you..

Himesh - When asked why he chose this song for her, he said - When she sung it for the first time, it sounded nice.. Maybe she was nervous and it happens sometimes that ur day is not the best..

Ashaji - Any guy from Rajasthan cannot sing badly.. The harkatein are really good.. Your voice shakes in the low notes, you should improve on that.. For Darshana she says, The beginning was falsetto, may you are nervous now.. Next time when you sing, make sure to do better..

Second Gharana to perform is Lakshya Gharana:

Jefferey Iqbal from Delaware (US) sings Tere Bina from Guru... Singer and MD - AR Rehman..

Sara Raza Khan From Pakistan sings kehna hi kya from Bombay.. Singer - Chitra. MD - AR Rehman..


Himesh - The performance was very good.. But it is very important that on what basis we are judging.. I feel that the peculiarity is reducing.. Then there is a big argument between the mentors.. Shankar - you cannot be mediocre.. The one who sings for the five minutes on this stage with great voice quality, in sur and in taal will be the winner..
Himesh - I just want to put it in front of the audience that, one may have a great voice quality, but may have lost it due to some bad performance on the stage.. But we must get them back... Pritam - One must have a unique voice to get work in the industry.. Asha - We may get more peculiar voices, but they may not be in sur.. Pritam also adds that we must probably get a power so that we can get a contestant back who has a great voice quality.. Ashaji - Why are we discussing this?? If you feel someone got eliminated, then its not needed that they must be a number 1.. you can even get them to sing for the film..

Comments for contestants

Himesh - I will keep my comment short.. I will request Ashaji to continue saying the comments..

Ashaji - The guy from America, voice is good.. You have a different voice.. Sara, you sing in nasal voice.. You can sing better with practice.. I am also liking that

Aadesh - Jeffery - Outstanding.. Sara - you could have brought in more emotions..

Pritam - Himeshji has used all the adjectives and we do not have anything left.. So, I will tell it in his own style - Mindblowing, Outstanding and Superb..

Shankar - Jefferey, you have done well.. We chose a song which is not of your genre, yet you did a good job.. Sara, maybe because of the environment here, you were little low.. You could have done much better..

Dhoom Gharana:

Shujat from Pakistan.. Aditya asks you sang a Bandish last time, what are you going to sing today?? He says there is a song by a band which I will sing.. He sings Saawan beeto jaaye by Shaufqat Amanat Ali.. Himesh starts crying.. He gets tears in his eyes and goes on stage to hug Shujat.. All the mentors go on stage to give blessings for him..

Himesh - I just want to say that performers like him should not go out because of the 5 minutes..
Shankar - You dont even need to perform for 5 minutes.. It is sufficient if you sing for 2 minutes..

Aadesh - This is the kind of voice we are looking for..

Ashaji - You are obvious to sing well as you belong from a gharana who are really good at singing.. Shujat says, his grand father, father, uncle and aunt all are singers.. Ashaji enquires about his aunt as she also is aware of her singing... He replies, yes she is the one and she also is very well aware of Ashaji.. Ashaji says you have got the voice.. So, make him sing...

Aditya asks how he was feeling as this is the first time Himesh has cried for any performance.. He says.. Its my win... I just want to make my place in the heart of these mentors..

Mitika Kanwar from Chandigargh.. She sings Oh meri Jaan.. Singers - Asha and RD Burman.. MD - RD Burman..

Ashaji - This is a very difficult song and even today I cannot sing.. The part where you took RD Burman voice was really nice...

Himesh - The way you made this environment is simply beautiful... Ashaji says, now you all need to compose songs like Burmanda to get these people sing the songs.. Himesh says, he is a legend but we will definitely try..

Shankar - Sur, Taal, Lai, unique voice quality is all perfect.. This is the kind we expect..

Aditya says she is very good in producing the sound of flute.. She gives a prelude for a song which will be used in Pritam's film..

Jai Ho Gharana:

Sayan Chaudhari from Kolkatta.. He sings yeh bekhudi.. Singer - Sonu Nigam.. MD - Shajid-Wajid..

Shankar - Your voice is the voice of urban young pop singer..

Himesh - I agree with Shankar.. You are a very good singer and that we need to put forth in front of the voice..

Pritam - He has the voice of a playback singer...

Aadesh - He is very devoted singer.. "Ek din ghee ka ladoo teda ho gaya toh uska swaad nahin bighdega" LOL

Ashaji - Your voice texture is really good... You are a very good singer..

Anupama Malhotra from Delhi sings Sharma na yun.. Singer - Asha Bhosle.. MD - RD Burman..

Aditya says, we have heard that the one who gave you the encouragement was your mother-in-law.. She says, I also have a kid of 10 months old and have left the kid alone in Delhi.. A small AV of her house is shown as well..

Shankar - You chose a very rare song and its a very good composition..

Himesh - God bless your in-laws.. You have a great voice and appreciate you for the confidence..

Pritam - I was missing my son when seeing your song play.. I know what you would be going through right now.. You definitely have a unique voice..

Ashaji - You sang really well.. Im not saying this because you sang my song.. Genuinely, it was good.. Ashaji


Among the boys, the one to get selected is Shayon from Jai Ho gharana.. She says, Im leaving behind the one whom I want to listen again and again..

Aadesh - I did not expect this, I would like Ashaji to throw some light on this...

Ashaji - His voice was very good.. Both his low and high notes were very good.. If he is polished, he will do very well.. For those heroes whose hair is popped up, his voice will suite them the best..

Among the girls, the one to get selected is Mitika Kanwar...

Both of them get the golden keys.. Anupama gets the best performance of the day and also a sleek mobile phone.. Clap

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa International Challenge 2009 Update - 19th July 2008

Yesterday, Zaheer Abbhas of Rock gharana and Naina of Lakshya gharana got direct entry into the second round.. Aditya greets everyone and congratulates both the winners... There is then introduction of mentors and Asha Bhosleji...

The performance begins...

Lakshya Gharana

Tarun sings hawa mein lag gayi aag.. Singer - Mika Singh..


Himesh - Yesterday, you had tears in your eyes.. We said you will definitely reach your destination soon..

Aadesh - Tell your sister that there is a brother of hers here and he will get her married.. Do ask her to send Rakhi!!

Pritam - Mindblowing performance.. You sang very well..

Shankar - I would like to hear Ashaji's comment..

Ashaji - Yesterday the guy who was crying, I dont know how to say, but you have something in your voice which is really good...

Shankar - You can perform 10 times better than this song... You were singing very casually without much concentration.. Sometimes song just comes out of you and you get overconfident. You need to concentrate more on your singing and improvise on it...

Ashaji - You have a different voice and after listening to your song yesterday, I felt you were good.. Its fine that you have selected this song according to this era.. But I would luv to hear to some soft number from you..

To vote for Lakshya Gharana - This is for selecting which gharana will get the privilege of taking in the wild card entry contestant..

Send SMS "Lakshya" to 57575
Reliance users dial - 5123452

Jai Ho Gharana

Shashi Suman sings more saiyan.. Singer and MD - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan..

Asma Mohommed Rafi sings Bheedi Jalaile.. Singer - Sunidhi, Sukhwinder and MD - Vishal Bharadwaj

Asma forgets the lyrics and starts roaming around the stage.. All the mentors back her up and Shankar picks the song for her.. She then continues to sing.. She apologizes to Ashaji and says she had to pick up high pitch and her breathe was not in control, so she couldnt sing.. They also have a little fun with her hindi... Aditya pulls her leg.. Its really funny LOL

Pritam - Asma is always entertaining.. You are very innocent.. You need to improvise on the song.. Shashi, Im a big fan of yours.. I loved your song..

Shankar - Asma, you are a very good entertainer.. But you need to improvise on sur and lai.. My friend Shahsi, Im very happy there is someone who sing classical and You will be a very important hand in keeping our classical music in high spirits..

Himesh - Shashi, you are fantastic.. Even when you had sore throat, you sang this song and you did a great job.. You are a very good singer.. Asma, you try choosing your style of Arabic song.. You have different tonal quality.. He then teaches her a little bit hindi. He asks her not to say Mere ko but mujhe...

Aadesh - Shashi, .. Thr r many variations in the song and even if you have sung 2%of this song, then im proud of you..

Ashaji - She asks the mentors what kind of voice they are looking for? Is it a classical singer like him or a voice for today.. Himesh replies, a different voice for film songs.. Ashaji says he is taking taan and sargam, but we do not know how well he can sing an easy song... Aadeshji says he thought if he can sing this song, he may do it well.. Himesh then gets permission from all the mentors so Shashi can sing another song.. Ashaji agrees and tell - Asma, you were not in sur.. You need to take taleem..

Shashi is then asked to sing a song without music and Ashaji says You are a very good singer and you sing very well..

To vote for Jai Ho Gharana

SMS JaiHo to 57575...
Reliance users dial - 5123451

Rock Gharana

Jenice Sobti from Goa sings Tinka Tinka.. Singer - Alisha Chenoi..


Aadesh - There is an attitude in your voice.. All is there, but everything will be good only if the sur is perfect.. Your voice is made for western songs..

Shankar - This was little disappointing... This is not to be performed in the platform like this where sur rules..

Pritam - Beginning was good.. But hope you could have continued the same.. I liked the english words you had put in the end..

Himesh - I totally agree with all of them.. They have showed your negative points, which they should being the guru... Voice texture and quality is is fabulous..

Asha - Your voice is very good.. It is made for western songs.. So, modulate your voice for the same..

To vote for Rock Gharana

SMS Rock to 57575...
Reliance users dial - 5123453

Dhoom Gharana:

Prachi sings tere bin ek pal.. Singers - Jaswinder and Udit Narayan. MD - Nadeem Shravan.. Aditya says, your emotions were very good..


Himesh - This is a conventional way, but your unconventional song was much better..

Shankar - Your emotions were mindblowing, sur was mindblowing, overall singing was mindblowing...

Aadesh - Your preparations are excellent.. And also your natural talent.. Next time, give us something in your own voice..

Pritam - You were really good..

Ashaji - You are a very good singer.. When taking the taan, Gamak is very good in your voice..

Debojit Dutta sings Ae chaand teri chandini ki kasam.. Singer - Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik.. MD - Ismail Darbar..


Aadesh - its a very difficult song and you sang it very well..

Himesh - This is a very different song than all those you have sung.. Keep it up!!

Shankar - You sang it straight from the heart and it reached straight to the heart..

Pritam - The computer we have can correct the sur, but cannot give the voice quality and emotion.. These two, are the best quality in yours.. If you dont become a playback singer before you leave SRGMP, I will leave the industry..

Ashaji - You are a very good singer.. You mainly concentrate on singing rather than dancing.. I liked that..

To vote for Dhoom Gharana

SMS Dhoom to 57575...
Reliance users dial - 5123450

Results - Ashaji announces the result..

Among girls

Prachi is in

Jenice - Your voice is very different and you have confidence as well.. You have to concentrate on hindi words.. You are in

Asma - Im sorry, I love you.. But I cannot lie when it comes to music.. Both the times, you were not in sur..

Jenice - I can never forget Asma.. She always used to make us smile when we are depressed...

Asma cries and says - I will definitely do something and prove myself to the world.. When I come next time, I will learn proper Hindi..

Shankar - We will all miss you..

Aadesh and Himesh also encourage her.. Aadesh says, you have already shown your voice to the world and definitely, some MD will call you if they like your voice..

Asma's father - I had to fight with her mother to bring her to this stage.. All I can say is - Zindagi yehi reet hain, haar ke baad hi jeet hain...

Among Boys

Tarun is in..

Debojit is in...

Ashaji - Im sorry Shashi, you are a great singer.. And there is always a sajivani bhooti for you..

All the mentors decide that they will give a Sanjivani bhooti to Shashi.. Himesh says, when 3 singers come into this category, one will be given the chance to re-enter..

So, the eliminated contestants are - Asma and Sashi (while Shashi gets Sanjeevani bhooti)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa International Challenge 2009 Update - 18th July 2008

Last week saw the first elimination where Snehandu from Lakshya gharana and Rashi got eliminated.. But Rashi from Dhoom gharana though was eliminated, got the sanjivani bhooti... So, lets see what happens this week... Smile

The show begins with contestants and Aditya singing Rubaroo roshini from Rang de Basanti... The girls sing on mike, while the guys play instruments... Shashi plays drums, guitar and Debojit plays key board... The guys also join them at the end for singing the song.. Aditya then recaps on what happened last week..

The four mentors are introduced by Aditya and he also welcomes the Mahaguru Asha Bhosle...

The first gharana to perform is Jai Ho..

First contestant - Shashi from Patna..
He says, have left my studies as well as my family for making career in music... He sings Mujhe kuchh kehna hain title song. Singer - KK.. MD - Anu Malik...

Second contestant - Asma from Oman..
She requests for a stand.. Aditya asks why do you want a stand.. She struggles to convey that she has difficulty in reading the song... Asma asks Himesh why do people in India call their Father as Dad, Papa but you had asked me to call him Pitaji.. Ashaji says this is modern age.. Himesh asks her to call whatever she wants, but not call Baap... Ashaji and Asma converse in Arabic... She sings Jhooth nahin bolna... Singers - Himesh and Shreya.. MD - Himesh..

Asma says I was very nervous to sing this song in front of Himesh...


Himesh - You attempted this song, so thanks for that... This song is not apt for your voice.. You have a different tonal quality and so do sing the kaho na kaho song again for your viewers..

Shankar - You have a unique voice.. You be conscious and see concentrate on taal... Your voice is your USP.. Inspite you use the vibreto properly.. You are a wonderful singer...

Pritam - To Shashi - You are one of the promising singer.. Looking forward to hear you more.. Asma, your innocence can be noticed even in your voice..

Aadesh - Shashi's classical training helps him a lot and this is his favorite song.. Asma, you have a unique voice and applaud you for trying the song inspite of you not knowing the language..

Ashaji - You are trying to sing hindi, while I tried singing in Arabic a while back... shashi, you need to concentrate on diction... Its been 60 years, but still I cant sing classical so I dont think you can learn in 3 years..

Next gharana to perform - Lakshya Gharana

First contestant to perform is Tarun from Delhi.. He sings meri zindagi tera pyaar.. Singer and MD - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan..

Second contestant is Naina Saxena from Faislabad, UP.. She sings meri maula karam ho karam.. Singers - Richa Sharma and Kailash Kher.. MD - Ram Sampat.

Comments and more

Aditya asks her wats the secret behind the smile... She says, If you face all the difficulties with a smile, then you can always win over the difficulties...

Aditya asks Tarun why he is upset.. He says.. I am very upset as im from a very poor family.. I have 2 sisters, and I have to get them married.. I need to get a house for my father.. My master from whom I have taken the taleem loves me a lot.. A small AV is shown where the house of Tarun can be seen.. Its a very small house and his family is also shown.. His sisters names are Shivani and Preeti..

Aadesh says, we will get Shivani married..

Himesh says, stay positive.. He also says, there are many who come out of this stage and are doing so well.. so, just dont worry..

Shankar says, one day he came back home at 2 in the morning and switched on the TV.. He listened to one of the punjabi channel where he listened to Master Saleem who is also the guru of Tarun.. Master Saleem is one who has sung Mast Kalandar song from Hey Baby so he advices Tarun not to loose heart..

Pritam - Naina has sweetness in the voice..

Himesh - You both are phenomenal singers.. Shankarji has given you very good training...
Aadesh - This stage is yours, but we can see you soon in the recording studio..
Shankar - Im proud of you both..

Himesh says - Har har Mahadev and also adds - "Jai Matadi, lets rock" while Shankar says "rock the world"..

Asha - There is no class from where singers come out.. They are in born and you both have a unique voice.. For Naina she says, she is the singer whom she has seen opening the mouth and singing from the Nabi.. She also adds that she will get good name in the industry...

Rock Gharana

Zaheer Abbas from Lahore..
He sings Aur kyaa, ghazal sung by - Asha Bhosle and Suresh Wadkar.. MD - RD Burman

Aadesh - You sing very well.. Aditya asks Himesh why he chose this song for Zaheer as he is sounding exactly like Sureshji. Himesh says, we were trying various songs and also Shankarji pointed out about his voice quality.. Suddenly he sang this song Aur Kyaa and we fixed it up.. Shankar says, Suresji is already established and we wouldnt want one more who can sing like him.. Aadesh says, this is his voice quality.. Ashaji then interrupts them and says, you are trying for a good singer, different voice etc, but you may not get everything.. Personally, I loved the song..

Jenice Sobti from Goa... Aditya says we can see Sonu Nigam in her and asks her to mimic Sonu.. She sings a song and also imitates him.. Pritam asks Aditya also to imitate Sonu.. he does the same and sings nagada nagada song.. Ashaji says, Sonu is a very good singer and when he mimics we feel as if the same person is there in front of us... She sings Kaisi Paheli from Prineeta.. Singer - Sunidhi.. MD - Shantanu Moitra..


Aadesh - Fantastic.. you are great.. You have a different voice and seems like you are a great actress too..

Shankar - I like your attitude.. I liked the variation you created but I feel you need to work little more hard..

Pritam - If you have a name given similar to Sonu, then you need to reach his level..

Himesh - I felt your pitching was wrong.. In rehersal room you were too good.. Your voice texture is very good and seems like this voice will suite all the actress..

Asha - Your voice is more western and I would like to listen to you more in Hindi..

Dhoom Gharana

Prachi Shah from Ahmedabad, Gujarat... She sings Ab jo mile hain toh.. Singer - Asha Bhosle.. MD - RD Burman..

Aditya says, he has come to know a secret about her throat and voice.. Prachi says, she has a defect in her throat due to which she can take two voices... She can also mimic the voice of a child.. Ashaji asks her to mimic and she does the same.. Its so sweet!!

Debojit Dutta from Kolkatta..
He is asked by Aditya, why didnt he choose to become a scientist unlike his parents and Debojit along with his mother says, music is his passion.. He sings tumse yun milenge humne sochana thaa... Singer - Kunal.. MD - Pritam..


Shankar - I will pray for you that all your dreams must come true.. You must practice on low notes.. You have confidence that others lack..

Himesh - You need to work more.. That performance of yours in the introductory round was much better and that level of performance you need to achieve..

Aadesh - To Debojit he says, Try to select different genre of songs..

Pritam - According to the standard, you were good.. To Prachi - You could have done better..

Asha - To Prachi she says.. This song to attempt is very difficult.. I liked the way you have taken challenges in front of me.. I love taking challenges and have been taking them since so many years.. I cried when Tarun revealed his difficulties because I know what difficulties are.. For Debojit - You were copying Kunal.. These people are searching for fresh voice and so dont copy.. Try singing in ur original voicce..


Zaheer Abbhas is through to second round among Boys

Himesh - Im really happy.. I was afraid as he would end up in danger zone because of me.. Thanks to Ashaji for taking up this decision after seeing his talent..

Naina Saxena is through to second round among girls..
Ashaji says, it was very difficult today as everyone sang well...

Shankar - I knew you will be through this round.. Whatever is the Lakshya, we will achieve together..

There is one more award which is called Dhamakedaar performance and this award goes to Tarun Clap Ashaji gives him a Mobile phone as gift...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa International Challenge 2009 Update - 11th July 2008

Contestants come in pair of girl and boy to sing Piya tu ab tu aaja, Aaja Aaja main hoon pyaar tera.. Aditya sing Duniya mein logon ko.. Then again contestants start singing Jaane jaan dhoondta phir raha and while they sing, Ashaji enters the stage singing Main Yahaan...

Aditya says she was the Mahaguru during Challenge 2007 and even now she is the Mahaguru... He asks Ashaji about this..

Ashaji - I dont understand about the war in music.. No problem, you can all fight with voice as the weapon... Sing in sur, thats all is needed... Aditya asks Ashaji why she refused to sing Aaja Aaja main hoon pyaar tera.. She replies, Aa, Aa Aaja was tough harkatein and so I asked for time to practice.. Aditya says Panchamda gave 100 Rs for her singing...

Aditya Aadesh, Shankar, Pritam, Himesh are called.. They all get blessings from Ashaji..

Himesh is asked by Aditya to comment on Ashaji's judgement - He replies, Please do not slap... Her strict decisions are justified because she is the Mahaguru..

Aditya says, we will sing a prayer for Maa Saraswati and start this contest.. So, the chosen contestants for this round, the mentors, Ashaji and Aditya pray in front of Maa Saraswati..

Today, two of the contestants from each gharana will be performing and one will get through directly to next round...

Aditya asks who will be the first gharana to perform.. Aditya says, I remember Pt. Jasraj, because he is one who always says Jai Ho..

Faraz Butt is first called by Aditya.. Aditya calls him as Faraz Fatafat Butt He is wearing red scarf on his head so Aditya asks why is he always carrying it with him.. He then replies this red scarf is very lucky for me and I always wear it and was also wearing it while performing in SRGMP UAE...

He sings Mehbooba Mehbooba from Sholay...

Singer - RD Burman
Music Director - RD Burman

Pooja Goswami sings Aao Na

Singer - Sadhna Sargam and Udit Narayan
Music Director - Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy

Comments for both:

Himesh - It was good.. Shankar's song is great composition, so he will be able to Mehbooba is evergreen classic and so Ashaji will be able to comment better..

Shankar - You have given lot of effort.. Im being too critical, the harkatein had to be taken in the third time.. All the best and God bless..

Pritam - Mehbooba rendition was good because you sang it in your own style.. Pooja's attempt was good..

Aadesh - I totally agree with all the comments especially with what Shankar said..

Ashaji - I cant comment just after listening to one song of theirs.. Faizal could have sung some sufi song and Pooja should have sung from inside instead of singing just from the throat... She also added that I dont like to say all this, you people have just made me to sit here...

Next gharana to perform - Dhoom gharana

Arshad Mohommad sings Bhijuriya..
Singer - Sonu Nigam..

Rashi Ragshree sings Jaaiye aap kahaan jaayenge..
Singer - Asha Bhosle
Music Director - OP Nayyar

She says I have learnt from my parents when Aditya asked her from whom she has got the training,,.

Aadesh - To Arshad - Even though you have sore throat, you did a great job.. To Rashi he says - probably you have not listened to the song properly...

Shankar - Tells Arshad, I salute you for singing with such conviction... To Rashi he says, You have an inherent quality in your voice.. Your voice can be used very well You have to concentrate on pitching... You were singing flat all through out the song.. You were breaking the words for taking breathe..

Himesh - Ashaji will be able to comment on it better...

Pritam - Rashi can do much better and she should sing with more confidence..

Ashaji - Arshad sang well.. Maybe your throat is not in shape, but you sang well.. You were concentrating on dancing, it will be better if you give that attention towards your song.. Rashi you sang well.. You are staying in London and singing this well, thats a great job,.. The harkatein you are taking is natural and your voice is also good.. You need more confidence and sing in sur...

Next gharana - Rock Gharana..

Sunvinder Singh - How do you feel as you are the youngest among everyone.. He says, Im singing because of my father and god's grace.. I started practicing only before three years.. He sings Ek ajnabee haseena se yun mulaqat ho gayi...

Manisha Karmakar sings kambakt ishq hain jo.. Singer - Sunidhi Chauhan, Sukhwinder.. Music Director - Sandeep Chowta.

There is one word which is very close to you and that is chudail..


Shankar - Manisha, I loved your throw.. You have unique voice quality.. I want to work with you, Sunvinder... We will do something for sure..

Pritam - To sunvinder - We need singers like you, who can sing the song.. To Manisha - It could have been much sweeter..

Aadesh - To Sunvinder - You sang it with your own style.. To Manisha - Your throw was very good, so you should have concentrated on your scale..

Himesh - To Sunvinder - You are a very good singer.. You could have chosen much better song of this generation instead of the legendary singers song... He asks Sunvinder to sing Na Hona from Jab we met which he sang in audition round.. He asks Ashaji to listen to it..

After this there is a big fight on the sets.. Himesh wants to prove that we cannot bring one more Asha, Lata, Rafi or Kishore.. The contestants should sing the songs of the younger generation.. Ashaji tries to prove that anyone can become another Rafi, Lata with a proper training.. In the meanwhile, Aadesh says these singers are much better than those besura singers whose songs are always promoted and made a hit.. He was targetting at Atif and Pritam was trying to prove that with the voice quality and personality one can get popular.. He says, Atif has his own stand..

Now, Ashaji says, she will give training and make these contestants ready.. Himesh then starts promoting SRGMP and says this is the only place where you can get such people who are ready to train the contestants and asks his contestants to take blessings...

Last gharana to perform - Lakshya gharana

Snehandu sings Dil kya kare from Julie.. Singer - Kishore.. MD - Rajesh Roshan..

Pratibha Singh sings Aan milo sajna.. Singers - Parveen Sultana. MD - Uttam singh..


Aadesh - Pratibha, I want to congratulate you for singing this song.. Snehandu, you project yourself very well.. I got reminded of Bappida rather than Kishoreda..

Himesh - Pratibha, you were outstanding.. Snehandu, you could have sung better..

Pritam - Both Himesh and Aadesh have said what I want to say..

Shankar - I am happy that both have done well and have the kept the name high..

Ashaji - Snehandu, you were not hitting the right sur... Pratibha, you sing well.. I can see Bhai Begum Akhtar in your voice.. She says, she is having a sore throat...


Among the boys, Ashaji says, Arshad's voice is not proper and I liked how the way you sang even with this sore throat.. So, Arshad gets into the next round directly.. He is given a key by Ashaji and he opens the door of Chakravyuh door and enters into the next stage.. The others will get an opportunity to perform tomorrow..

Pritam - I asked him to sing from heart as he was very afraid regarding his sore throat... So, Im really proud of him..

Among the girls, Pratibha gets the direct entry into the 2nd round.. Pratibha gets the key to the second round...

Shankar - I knew Pratibha will get it.. Sur, Taal, Knowledge will definitely win when such great singer like Ashaji is here on the set for judging..

So, its Arshad from Dhoom gharana and Pratibha from Lakshya gharana to enter into the second round directly!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

SRGMP Challenge 2009 - Telecast in USA - Please Read


As we see that there are many who are missing Challenge 2009 live in action in various countries like US, Canada etc, we thought of putting a petition to Zee TV USA requesting them to air the show immediately on par with India..

Here is the petition created... All you need to do is just sign the petition and we will send the link to Zee TV requesting the same...

Petition Link -

Sign the petition and also do send a mail to so some action is taken immediately..

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa International Challenge 2009 Update - 5th July 2008

Aditya begins the show with the song sur hain bejubaan... He welcomes the audience.. Today, the Pakistani and overseas contestants will be performing.. He also welcomes the mentors of the four gharanas...

Fire brand, Himesh
The energetic, Aadesh
The super sensational, Shankar
The passionate, Pritam

First contestant - Faraz Butt from Lahore, Pakistan...

Im feeling very good... I feel I have come from Lahore to Karachi.. He is the winner of SRGMP, Middle east... Aadesh was the judge in SRGMP middle east and has listened to Faraz..

He sings jag soona soona lage from Om Shanti Om..
Singer - Rahet Fateh Ali Khan
Music Director - Vishal Shekhar

Himesh - Im getting reminded of Mussarat... He asks Faraz to say some sher.. He then tells a joke... There was a soldier who wanted a holiday and approached the Major.. The Major asked him to get a tank from India and he got back in few minutes.. Major asked him how come you got it so soon, the soldier replied that when one Indian soldier wanted a leave, he was given a tank from a Pakistan...

Aditya says, we have broken the boundary between the two countries with music... Suron ke shastron ne saare masle sulajh liye...

Second Contestant - Shujat Ali Khan from Lahore, Pakistan.. I hv visited India before, but this is the first time  main yahaan se geet, jasbaat aur saare hindustan ko dil mein leke jaunga...

He sings airi more ali piya
Singer - Salamat Ali Khan

Aditya asks him how he felt.. He replies, My heart beat is so fast as its tough singing a song in front of such great judges... I have sung this just for the beginning and for receiving blessings from the judges...

Third Contestant - Zaheer Abbhas from Lahore, Pakistan...

He sings Nachle aaja Nachle from Bombay...
Singer - Sukhwinder Singh
MD - AR Rehman

He is wished luck by Aditya...

Fourth Contestant - Sara Raza Khan.. Aditya requests the audience to give standing ovation as she is the only girl to be participating in a contest and this is the first time any girl from Pakistan has come to India to participate in a contest...

I was not selected for the previous time and I was very disappointed.. But now that I have been selected, all are happy and we all distributed sweets.. Im so happy but there is a question in mind as to if the water is same, air is same, sun raising in both the countries are also same, then why this boundary?? Aditya replies, hope all the differences gets removed one day and we get the answer to this question...

She sings Tere ishq nachaya
Singer - Abida Parveen

She is also appreciated for her song.. She says her maternal grand parents were staying here and she and her mother wishes to visit that place once..

Next Contestant - Farhan Zaidi from Karachi, Pakistan.. Im feeling very happy.. When I landed in the airport, I never felt i was in some other country..

He sings In Dino from life in a metro..
Singer - K.K

Aditya wishes him luck to get entry in the gharana..

Imran Abbas from Lahore, Pakistan.. Aditya asks if he is ready to spend time in India as he may have to stay in India for a long time if he gets entry in a gharana.. Im ready to spend time here...

He sings Akhiyan toh hole hole
MD - Pritam

Comments by mentors

Shankar - We had lot of expectations from you all as we had heard you all in the audition tape and we all had the sky limit expectation from you all.. He asks if there is any problem with you all?

Aadesh too says, even Faraz was not at his best...

Then Faraz says, they all had to spend time in police station last night.. Shankar asks why and he replies, as they are from Pakistan...

Aditya says, anyone who comes from Pakistan, has to follow some procedure and that is why they were in the police station...

Aadesh, Shankar and Pritam encourage them and ask them not to be disappointed and can do well next time..

Himesh - You all have great potential and Ashaji is going to come as a Mahaguru.. You all can put an end to it...

Shankar asks whats the end... Himesh says its my language which only those can understand who follow this show... I meant that they can put an end to all the criticism.. Shankar says, "Himeshji, shuru ho gaye".. Himesh then says, Im doing all this for my audience.. Shankar asks."If he started all this for audience?" and Himesh says, if he keeps quiet, then audience will stop watching the show.. Shankar asks why he is getting this angry? Aadesh replies, it is just his style... Shankar says ya maybe he did not understand because he was not used to it...

Selection of contestants in gharana - There is one bowl with chits of gharana names and guru names.. One will have to pick the chit and that mentor gets to choose his own contestant...

First one who gets to choose their contestant is Aadesh.. He goes on stage and calls on Faraz Butt... Faraz gets blessings from Aadesh and give out their nara... Faraz gets into JaiHo gharana..

Next one is Shankar.. He welcomes Sara Raza Khan on his gharana... They also give out their nara... Sara Raza Khan gets into Lakshya gharana..

Next one is Himesh.. He says, everyone are good singers and asks Aditya to select one as he feels all four are the same for him.. Aditya selects Zaheer Abbhas for rock gharana... Zaheer gets into Rock gharana

Pritam also asks Aditya to select for him and Aditya selects Shujat for Dhoom gharana... Shujat gets into Dhoom gharana..

Himesh says you all will not go back to Pakistan... Shankar says, this is a decision taken by all of us together.. Aadesh says, this is an opportunity given to you all to prove yourself.. Aditya says, you all will belong to Eklavya gharana but they will not be left out without any guru... Himesh says, Eklavya gharana is not without guru and the superstar Raja of last season got into finals.. Farhan says they will get into the finals for sure...

------------------------------------------------------------ ------

Performance by Overseas Contestants

Asma Mohommad Rafi from Oman... She sings Kaho na Kaho from Murder.. MD - Anu Malik

One girl sings chandini raatein
Singer - Shamsa Kanwal

Jefferey Iqbal from USA.
He sings apne toh apne hote hain from apne
Singer - Sonu Nigam
MD - Himesh

Medha Krishna from Singapore
She sings Ur my mindblowing mahiya
Singer - Sunidhi and Vishal
MD - Vishal Shekhar

Rashi Ragshree from London, Uk
She sings tumko lekar hum chalein
Singer - Shreya
MD - MM kreem

Darshana Menon from Michigan, USA
She sings Mahiya
Singer - Suzzane
MD - Pritam

She is the winner of SRGMP USA.. She says, she is really happy to be here...
Comments by mentors

Aditya says, Asma does not know Hindi and asks her how did she manage it? She says, my father taught me but she makes lot of grammatical errors while speaking and everyone pulls her leg... She says, Baap for pita and many other instances which proves she is just sweet and innocent...

Aditya asks who is her favorite singer.. She says Himesh because, He is nasal and Im also nasal.. Himesh replies, Ya Im nasal and I have bad looks and also this hair style is like Chinese, so do not use this style and say you have taken it from China..

Asma says, Im so happy to be here... I never thought I will be here and its my luck that Im here...

Shankar - Whatever she is saying with all gramatical mistakes is coming out jst from your heart

Aadesh - I have heard her in SRGMP USA and she is just too innocent..

Jeffery says, he has been watching SRGM since Sonu times and has been practicing for a long time and now he is happy to be part of this show...
Ur voice connects to audience...

Selecting of Contestants in gharana

The first one who gets to select is Pritam and he asks Aditya to select one for him as he wants him to be the lucky mascot.. Rashi gets into Dhoom gharana...

Himesh is the next to get the chance.. He too asks Aditya to select for him... Darshana gets into Rock gharana...
Next one to choose is Shankar.. He chooses Jefferey... Jefferey gets into Lakshya gharana

Aadesh says I have been in UAE and have listened to Asma .. So, wants to take her in my gharana... Asma gets into JaiHo gharana

Performance by Eklavya gharana:

Anurag Girish Dhoundeyal from Mumbai sings zara sa
Singer - KK
MD - Pritam

Shueli Sammandur from Kolkatta sings Dhoom tana
Singer - Shreya and Abhijeet
MD - Vishal Shekhar

Divya Kumar from Mumbai sings Sone lag di mainu sone lagdi
Singer - Sajjad Ali

Yashita Yashpal from Mumbai sings Solemia
Singer - Sunidhi
MD - Vishal Shekhar

---- sings kehne ko jashn bahar hain from Jodhaa Akbar
Singer - Javed Ali
MD - AR Rehman

Pallavi Suri from Hyderabad sings Oo la la la
Singer - Chitra
MD - AR Rehman

Shoumen Nandi from Kolkatta sings Saiyaan, tu jo choole pyaar

Deepali Sathe from Madhya Pradesh sings hai rama
Singer - Asha Bhosle
MD - Adnam Sami

Aadesh - They all sang well.. All the best..
Himesh - Anything can happen anytime..
Shankar - Today's Eklavya can be tomorrow's winner
Pritam - These people have four mentors...

Aditya announces that Next week Ashaji will be the mahaguru and the actual contest will begin...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Update for first episode - 4th July 2008

Today is the first episode for SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009... So, a very warm welcome to you all too

Countdown begins for the show and many cities are shown in a AV where
they praise SRGMP and few are also shown singing the title song of
Aditya gets down the helicopter and enters a car... There
is a red carpet through which he enters into the studio.. He performs
on the song Krazy 4 title song...

The sets are looking lavishing.. This time around, its not only the globe, but also a headphone around it
Aditya welcomes all the viewers and announces that from today onwards
every friday and saturday there will be a sangeeth vishwayudh...

Himesh - Rock Gharana

first gharana to get introduced is Himesh's gharana... An AV is shown
where he comes along with four contestants.. There is fire all over
when they make the entry... Then its studio and he is shown along with
the contestants singing Kitne hain armaan and Karz title song...

Aditya congratulates Himesh for signing five films as an actor, composer and singer
Himesh requests everyone to keep praying for him so he becomes
successful.. He says this film will be released in December and the
music release will be in October.. He says he is excited to be on the
show and knows that we can get to hear some best singers...

His tagline is - Jai Mata Di, Lets Rock...

Aadesh - Jai Ho gharana

next gharana to get introduced is Aadesh... Aditya says he has been
associated with SRGMP since long.. There is full of storm when he
enters along with the contestants... So, basically it means Himesh is
fire, Aadesh is storm... He sings chali chali from Baagban, roop hain
tera sona along with the four contestants... His gharana is - Jai Ho...

Aadesh says, I am really happy to be part of this show and this
is platform for the contestants to show their talents in front of all
the music directors and get chance in bollywood... Aditya asks what are
his expectations from his contestants..  They will throw them away...
Aditya asks Himesh to say something... Himesh says, I just listen,
think and pray after that leave it to God...

His Tagline is - Jai Ho, Mangal mai Ho...

Shankar - Lakshya gharana

gharana to be introduced is Shankar's gharana... He and the contestants
fly down from the sky... So, basically his gharana represents Sky...

Shankar and his contestants sings Lakshya title song, koi kahe from dil chahta hain...

Gharana is - Lakshya gharana... He says, he is there to listen to the
contestants and pick them so that they can sing for them... He says he
is looking for fresh voices... There maybe many controversies, fights,
but im not a person for that and looking forward for the show...

- Welcome to the show... He says, yes its right that there are many
controversies, but all are genuine and these are now part of all the
reality shows.. SRGMP is where the talent comes from and this is the
opportunity for many singers to showcase their talent..

Aadesh - All these contestants will have good opportunity of being associated with such a great singer and composer...

says he has had long association with the show.. He has been guest
judge, guest composer for many songs and also as guest singer.. So, he
has a soft corner for this show..

His tagline is - Har Har Mahadev...

Pritam - Dhoom gharana

gharana to be introduced is Pritam's gharana.. He and his contestants
represent Sky.. He and his contestants sing Dhoom title song, Mauja hi
Mauja.. There was one girl who was doing Mimicry...

asks, How are you going to challenge.. He says, Im not going to say
anything now.. Lets see in the future... And Pritam says, he is going
to have loads of fun in this show.. All the other mentors are great
composers and also a great human being...

Aditya asks other mentors to say something...

Aadesh - Fantastic, mindblowing...
Himesh - He is a very cute person... Pritamji, god bless you..
Shankar - Welcome to the team and we have been associated since the jingle times.. So, looking forward to have fun with you...

His Tagline is - Dhoom machade, Duniya hilade...

Performances by Indian contestants

Rock Gharana:

First contestant - Fareed Ahmed from Jaipur, Rajasthan sings Maula mere
MD - Mithoon
Singer - Roop Kumar Rathod

Second Contestant - Jenice Sobti from Goa sings Sajna Aa bhi Js
MD - Shibani Kashyap
Singer - Shibani Kashyap

Third Contestant - Manisha Karmakar from Kolkatta sings Lambi Judai..
MD - Pritam
Singer - Richa Sharma and Rahet Fateh Ali Khan

Fourth Contestant - Sunvinder Singh from Punjab sings Na Hona from Jab we met.
MD - Pritam
Singer - Mohit Chauhan


- Fantastic.. Congratulate Himesh... Fareed needs to have more
brightness... Jenice took good harkatein, you have a original voice...
Manisha was also good.. Sunvinder was also very good...

Shankar - All these singers are god gifted.. This show will be real fun...

Pritam - Himeshji, you have got a super team.. You all were very good..

- SRGMP is a pioneer of reality show... All egoistic people are on one
show.. We have got great singers, that is why we all are here.. We have
to make the world number 1, number 2 and number 3 in the top charts and
these should come from SRGMP...

JaiHo gharana

First Contestant - Shashi Suman from Patna sings Saaware..
Singer and Music director - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan...

Second Contestant - Pooja Goswani from Tripura sings Barso re megha from Guru
Music Director - AR Rehman
Singer - Shreya Ghosal

Third Contestant - Sayon Chaudhary from Kolkatta sings O meri Jaan from Life in Metro
Music Director - Pritam
Singer - KK

Fourth Contestant - Anupama Malhotra from Delhi sings Behta hain man kahiin from Chameli
Singer - Sunidhi Chauhan


Himesh - Superb, Mindblowing, fantastic... You will see singers, whom you have not seen anywhere..

- These singers will be seen in recording studios along with us.. If
they can sing this well in introductory round, then dont know what will
happen in the finals..

Pritam - Superb... The standard of SRGMP cannot be seen anywhere...

- We can see this standard towards the end in any other show and in
this show, we are seeing it in the introductory round..

Lakshya gharana:

Snehandhu Naskar from Kolkatta sings Pehli Nazar from Race..
MD - Pritam
Singer - Atif Aslam

Naina Saxena from Faislabad sings Mera dil ka tumse yeh kehna from Armaan
Singer - Chitra

Tarun Sagar from Delhi sings Mast Kalandar from Hey Baby
Singer - Shankar, Rehan Khan, Salim, Shajid

Pratibha Singh from Madhya Pradesh sings Duma Dum mast kalandar
Singer - Runa Laila


- We have got terrific singer... We need indispensable singers.. We
need singers who will be known just for their song and for singing
someone else song.. He asks Pritam to say what he said to him..

- When I composed Na khona song, I was looking for Mohit Chauhan and I
couldnot get him and we waited for him to sing the song for one month..
So, when one composes the song, they should get one singer in mind and
get them for singing the song..

Aadesh - You all were original and did not copy the original singer

Shankar - If we can summarize this show in one word - then it is - Originality..

Dhoom Gharana:

Prachi Shah from Gujrat sings Ni main samajh gayi
MD - AR Rehman
Singer - Sukhwinder and Richa Sharma

Aarshad Mohommad from Mumbai sings kinna sona tenu
Singer - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Mitika Kanwar from Chandigargh sings Le chalein
MD - Vivek Philip
Singer - Sunidhi Chauhan

Debojit Dutta from Kolkatta sings Bheegi Bheegi from Gangster
Singer - James
MD - Pritam

He gets Standing Ovation... All the mentors get onto stage and the studio audience shout - once more...

- Everytime the mentors have difference of opinion, but this is the
first time we all are looking for one thing together... But he says, if
there are four people searching for one winner, then we will definitely
have a war.. He asks everyone

Aadesh - There will be no fun
without the war.. We all are looking for one, two and three from this
show.. We need to give the world the best singers..

Shankar - If you feel we cannot get a winner without a war, then let the war begin...

- Dhoom can never flop... Himesh says, does this mean you say only
Dhoom can win?? Pritam asks everyone to give an opinion about his
gharana singers.. Himesh says, this one is equivalent to 100 people...

Watch 1st Episode Video online:
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