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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa International Challenge 2009 Update - 19th July 2008

Yesterday, Zaheer Abbhas of Rock gharana and Naina of Lakshya gharana got direct entry into the second round.. Aditya greets everyone and congratulates both the winners... There is then introduction of mentors and Asha Bhosleji...

The performance begins...

Lakshya Gharana

Tarun sings hawa mein lag gayi aag.. Singer - Mika Singh..


Himesh - Yesterday, you had tears in your eyes.. We said you will definitely reach your destination soon..

Aadesh - Tell your sister that there is a brother of hers here and he will get her married.. Do ask her to send Rakhi!!

Pritam - Mindblowing performance.. You sang very well..

Shankar - I would like to hear Ashaji's comment..

Ashaji - Yesterday the guy who was crying, I dont know how to say, but you have something in your voice which is really good...

Shankar - You can perform 10 times better than this song... You were singing very casually without much concentration.. Sometimes song just comes out of you and you get overconfident. You need to concentrate more on your singing and improvise on it...

Ashaji - You have a different voice and after listening to your song yesterday, I felt you were good.. Its fine that you have selected this song according to this era.. But I would luv to hear to some soft number from you..

To vote for Lakshya Gharana - This is for selecting which gharana will get the privilege of taking in the wild card entry contestant..

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Jai Ho Gharana

Shashi Suman sings more saiyan.. Singer and MD - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan..

Asma Mohommed Rafi sings Bheedi Jalaile.. Singer - Sunidhi, Sukhwinder and MD - Vishal Bharadwaj

Asma forgets the lyrics and starts roaming around the stage.. All the mentors back her up and Shankar picks the song for her.. She then continues to sing.. She apologizes to Ashaji and says she had to pick up high pitch and her breathe was not in control, so she couldnt sing.. They also have a little fun with her hindi... Aditya pulls her leg.. Its really funny LOL

Pritam - Asma is always entertaining.. You are very innocent.. You need to improvise on the song.. Shashi, Im a big fan of yours.. I loved your song..

Shankar - Asma, you are a very good entertainer.. But you need to improvise on sur and lai.. My friend Shahsi, Im very happy there is someone who sing classical and You will be a very important hand in keeping our classical music in high spirits..

Himesh - Shashi, you are fantastic.. Even when you had sore throat, you sang this song and you did a great job.. You are a very good singer.. Asma, you try choosing your style of Arabic song.. You have different tonal quality.. He then teaches her a little bit hindi. He asks her not to say Mere ko but mujhe...

Aadesh - Shashi, .. Thr r many variations in the song and even if you have sung 2%of this song, then im proud of you..

Ashaji - She asks the mentors what kind of voice they are looking for? Is it a classical singer like him or a voice for today.. Himesh replies, a different voice for film songs.. Ashaji says he is taking taan and sargam, but we do not know how well he can sing an easy song... Aadeshji says he thought if he can sing this song, he may do it well.. Himesh then gets permission from all the mentors so Shashi can sing another song.. Ashaji agrees and tell - Asma, you were not in sur.. You need to take taleem..

Shashi is then asked to sing a song without music and Ashaji says You are a very good singer and you sing very well..

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Rock Gharana

Jenice Sobti from Goa sings Tinka Tinka.. Singer - Alisha Chenoi..


Aadesh - There is an attitude in your voice.. All is there, but everything will be good only if the sur is perfect.. Your voice is made for western songs..

Shankar - This was little disappointing... This is not to be performed in the platform like this where sur rules..

Pritam - Beginning was good.. But hope you could have continued the same.. I liked the english words you had put in the end..

Himesh - I totally agree with all of them.. They have showed your negative points, which they should being the guru... Voice texture and quality is is fabulous..

Asha - Your voice is very good.. It is made for western songs.. So, modulate your voice for the same..

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Dhoom Gharana:

Prachi sings tere bin ek pal.. Singers - Jaswinder and Udit Narayan. MD - Nadeem Shravan.. Aditya says, your emotions were very good..


Himesh - This is a conventional way, but your unconventional song was much better..

Shankar - Your emotions were mindblowing, sur was mindblowing, overall singing was mindblowing...

Aadesh - Your preparations are excellent.. And also your natural talent.. Next time, give us something in your own voice..

Pritam - You were really good..

Ashaji - You are a very good singer.. When taking the taan, Gamak is very good in your voice..

Debojit Dutta sings Ae chaand teri chandini ki kasam.. Singer - Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik.. MD - Ismail Darbar..


Aadesh - its a very difficult song and you sang it very well..

Himesh - This is a very different song than all those you have sung.. Keep it up!!

Shankar - You sang it straight from the heart and it reached straight to the heart..

Pritam - The computer we have can correct the sur, but cannot give the voice quality and emotion.. These two, are the best quality in yours.. If you dont become a playback singer before you leave SRGMP, I will leave the industry..

Ashaji - You are a very good singer.. You mainly concentrate on singing rather than dancing.. I liked that..

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Results - Ashaji announces the result..

Among girls

Prachi is in

Jenice - Your voice is very different and you have confidence as well.. You have to concentrate on hindi words.. You are in

Asma - Im sorry, I love you.. But I cannot lie when it comes to music.. Both the times, you were not in sur..

Jenice - I can never forget Asma.. She always used to make us smile when we are depressed...

Asma cries and says - I will definitely do something and prove myself to the world.. When I come next time, I will learn proper Hindi..

Shankar - We will all miss you..

Aadesh and Himesh also encourage her.. Aadesh says, you have already shown your voice to the world and definitely, some MD will call you if they like your voice..

Asma's father - I had to fight with her mother to bring her to this stage.. All I can say is - Zindagi yehi reet hain, haar ke baad hi jeet hain...

Among Boys

Tarun is in..

Debojit is in...

Ashaji - Im sorry Shashi, you are a great singer.. And there is always a sajivani bhooti for you..

All the mentors decide that they will give a Sanjivani bhooti to Shashi.. Himesh says, when 3 singers come into this category, one will be given the chance to re-enter..

So, the eliminated contestants are - Asma and Sashi (while Shashi gets Sanjeevani bhooti)

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