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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa International Challenge 2009 Update - 5th July 2008

Aditya begins the show with the song sur hain bejubaan... He welcomes the audience.. Today, the Pakistani and overseas contestants will be performing.. He also welcomes the mentors of the four gharanas...

Fire brand, Himesh
The energetic, Aadesh
The super sensational, Shankar
The passionate, Pritam

First contestant - Faraz Butt from Lahore, Pakistan...

Im feeling very good... I feel I have come from Lahore to Karachi.. He is the winner of SRGMP, Middle east... Aadesh was the judge in SRGMP middle east and has listened to Faraz..

He sings jag soona soona lage from Om Shanti Om..
Singer - Rahet Fateh Ali Khan
Music Director - Vishal Shekhar

Himesh - Im getting reminded of Mussarat... He asks Faraz to say some sher.. He then tells a joke... There was a soldier who wanted a holiday and approached the Major.. The Major asked him to get a tank from India and he got back in few minutes.. Major asked him how come you got it so soon, the soldier replied that when one Indian soldier wanted a leave, he was given a tank from a Pakistan...

Aditya says, we have broken the boundary between the two countries with music... Suron ke shastron ne saare masle sulajh liye...

Second Contestant - Shujat Ali Khan from Lahore, Pakistan.. I hv visited India before, but this is the first time  main yahaan se geet, jasbaat aur saare hindustan ko dil mein leke jaunga...

He sings airi more ali piya
Singer - Salamat Ali Khan

Aditya asks him how he felt.. He replies, My heart beat is so fast as its tough singing a song in front of such great judges... I have sung this just for the beginning and for receiving blessings from the judges...

Third Contestant - Zaheer Abbhas from Lahore, Pakistan...

He sings Nachle aaja Nachle from Bombay...
Singer - Sukhwinder Singh
MD - AR Rehman

He is wished luck by Aditya...

Fourth Contestant - Sara Raza Khan.. Aditya requests the audience to give standing ovation as she is the only girl to be participating in a contest and this is the first time any girl from Pakistan has come to India to participate in a contest...

I was not selected for the previous time and I was very disappointed.. But now that I have been selected, all are happy and we all distributed sweets.. Im so happy but there is a question in mind as to if the water is same, air is same, sun raising in both the countries are also same, then why this boundary?? Aditya replies, hope all the differences gets removed one day and we get the answer to this question...

She sings Tere ishq nachaya
Singer - Abida Parveen

She is also appreciated for her song.. She says her maternal grand parents were staying here and she and her mother wishes to visit that place once..

Next Contestant - Farhan Zaidi from Karachi, Pakistan.. Im feeling very happy.. When I landed in the airport, I never felt i was in some other country..

He sings In Dino from life in a metro..
Singer - K.K

Aditya wishes him luck to get entry in the gharana..

Imran Abbas from Lahore, Pakistan.. Aditya asks if he is ready to spend time in India as he may have to stay in India for a long time if he gets entry in a gharana.. Im ready to spend time here...

He sings Akhiyan toh hole hole
MD - Pritam

Comments by mentors

Shankar - We had lot of expectations from you all as we had heard you all in the audition tape and we all had the sky limit expectation from you all.. He asks if there is any problem with you all?

Aadesh too says, even Faraz was not at his best...

Then Faraz says, they all had to spend time in police station last night.. Shankar asks why and he replies, as they are from Pakistan...

Aditya says, anyone who comes from Pakistan, has to follow some procedure and that is why they were in the police station...

Aadesh, Shankar and Pritam encourage them and ask them not to be disappointed and can do well next time..

Himesh - You all have great potential and Ashaji is going to come as a Mahaguru.. You all can put an end to it...

Shankar asks whats the end... Himesh says its my language which only those can understand who follow this show... I meant that they can put an end to all the criticism.. Shankar says, "Himeshji, shuru ho gaye".. Himesh then says, Im doing all this for my audience.. Shankar asks."If he started all this for audience?" and Himesh says, if he keeps quiet, then audience will stop watching the show.. Shankar asks why he is getting this angry? Aadesh replies, it is just his style... Shankar says ya maybe he did not understand because he was not used to it...

Selection of contestants in gharana - There is one bowl with chits of gharana names and guru names.. One will have to pick the chit and that mentor gets to choose his own contestant...

First one who gets to choose their contestant is Aadesh.. He goes on stage and calls on Faraz Butt... Faraz gets blessings from Aadesh and give out their nara... Faraz gets into JaiHo gharana..

Next one is Shankar.. He welcomes Sara Raza Khan on his gharana... They also give out their nara... Sara Raza Khan gets into Lakshya gharana..

Next one is Himesh.. He says, everyone are good singers and asks Aditya to select one as he feels all four are the same for him.. Aditya selects Zaheer Abbhas for rock gharana... Zaheer gets into Rock gharana

Pritam also asks Aditya to select for him and Aditya selects Shujat for Dhoom gharana... Shujat gets into Dhoom gharana..

Himesh says you all will not go back to Pakistan... Shankar says, this is a decision taken by all of us together.. Aadesh says, this is an opportunity given to you all to prove yourself.. Aditya says, you all will belong to Eklavya gharana but they will not be left out without any guru... Himesh says, Eklavya gharana is not without guru and the superstar Raja of last season got into finals.. Farhan says they will get into the finals for sure...

------------------------------------------------------------ ------

Performance by Overseas Contestants

Asma Mohommad Rafi from Oman... She sings Kaho na Kaho from Murder.. MD - Anu Malik

One girl sings chandini raatein
Singer - Shamsa Kanwal

Jefferey Iqbal from USA.
He sings apne toh apne hote hain from apne
Singer - Sonu Nigam
MD - Himesh

Medha Krishna from Singapore
She sings Ur my mindblowing mahiya
Singer - Sunidhi and Vishal
MD - Vishal Shekhar

Rashi Ragshree from London, Uk
She sings tumko lekar hum chalein
Singer - Shreya
MD - MM kreem

Darshana Menon from Michigan, USA
She sings Mahiya
Singer - Suzzane
MD - Pritam

She is the winner of SRGMP USA.. She says, she is really happy to be here...
Comments by mentors

Aditya says, Asma does not know Hindi and asks her how did she manage it? She says, my father taught me but she makes lot of grammatical errors while speaking and everyone pulls her leg... She says, Baap for pita and many other instances which proves she is just sweet and innocent...

Aditya asks who is her favorite singer.. She says Himesh because, He is nasal and Im also nasal.. Himesh replies, Ya Im nasal and I have bad looks and also this hair style is like Chinese, so do not use this style and say you have taken it from China..

Asma says, Im so happy to be here... I never thought I will be here and its my luck that Im here...

Shankar - Whatever she is saying with all gramatical mistakes is coming out jst from your heart

Aadesh - I have heard her in SRGMP USA and she is just too innocent..

Jeffery says, he has been watching SRGM since Sonu times and has been practicing for a long time and now he is happy to be part of this show...
Ur voice connects to audience...

Selecting of Contestants in gharana

The first one who gets to select is Pritam and he asks Aditya to select one for him as he wants him to be the lucky mascot.. Rashi gets into Dhoom gharana...

Himesh is the next to get the chance.. He too asks Aditya to select for him... Darshana gets into Rock gharana...
Next one to choose is Shankar.. He chooses Jefferey... Jefferey gets into Lakshya gharana

Aadesh says I have been in UAE and have listened to Asma .. So, wants to take her in my gharana... Asma gets into JaiHo gharana

Performance by Eklavya gharana:

Anurag Girish Dhoundeyal from Mumbai sings zara sa
Singer - KK
MD - Pritam

Shueli Sammandur from Kolkatta sings Dhoom tana
Singer - Shreya and Abhijeet
MD - Vishal Shekhar

Divya Kumar from Mumbai sings Sone lag di mainu sone lagdi
Singer - Sajjad Ali

Yashita Yashpal from Mumbai sings Solemia
Singer - Sunidhi
MD - Vishal Shekhar

---- sings kehne ko jashn bahar hain from Jodhaa Akbar
Singer - Javed Ali
MD - AR Rehman

Pallavi Suri from Hyderabad sings Oo la la la
Singer - Chitra
MD - AR Rehman

Shoumen Nandi from Kolkatta sings Saiyaan, tu jo choole pyaar

Deepali Sathe from Madhya Pradesh sings hai rama
Singer - Asha Bhosle
MD - Adnam Sami

Aadesh - They all sang well.. All the best..
Himesh - Anything can happen anytime..
Shankar - Today's Eklavya can be tomorrow's winner
Pritam - These people have four mentors...

Aditya announces that Next week Ashaji will be the mahaguru and the actual contest will begin...

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