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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa International Challenge 2009 Update - 11th July 2008

Contestants come in pair of girl and boy to sing Piya tu ab tu aaja, Aaja Aaja main hoon pyaar tera.. Aditya sing Duniya mein logon ko.. Then again contestants start singing Jaane jaan dhoondta phir raha and while they sing, Ashaji enters the stage singing Main Yahaan...

Aditya says she was the Mahaguru during Challenge 2007 and even now she is the Mahaguru... He asks Ashaji about this..

Ashaji - I dont understand about the war in music.. No problem, you can all fight with voice as the weapon... Sing in sur, thats all is needed... Aditya asks Ashaji why she refused to sing Aaja Aaja main hoon pyaar tera.. She replies, Aa, Aa Aaja was tough harkatein and so I asked for time to practice.. Aditya says Panchamda gave 100 Rs for her singing...

Aditya Aadesh, Shankar, Pritam, Himesh are called.. They all get blessings from Ashaji..

Himesh is asked by Aditya to comment on Ashaji's judgement - He replies, Please do not slap... Her strict decisions are justified because she is the Mahaguru..

Aditya says, we will sing a prayer for Maa Saraswati and start this contest.. So, the chosen contestants for this round, the mentors, Ashaji and Aditya pray in front of Maa Saraswati..

Today, two of the contestants from each gharana will be performing and one will get through directly to next round...

Aditya asks who will be the first gharana to perform.. Aditya says, I remember Pt. Jasraj, because he is one who always says Jai Ho..

Faraz Butt is first called by Aditya.. Aditya calls him as Faraz Fatafat Butt He is wearing red scarf on his head so Aditya asks why is he always carrying it with him.. He then replies this red scarf is very lucky for me and I always wear it and was also wearing it while performing in SRGMP UAE...

He sings Mehbooba Mehbooba from Sholay...

Singer - RD Burman
Music Director - RD Burman

Pooja Goswami sings Aao Na

Singer - Sadhna Sargam and Udit Narayan
Music Director - Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy

Comments for both:

Himesh - It was good.. Shankar's song is great composition, so he will be able to Mehbooba is evergreen classic and so Ashaji will be able to comment better..

Shankar - You have given lot of effort.. Im being too critical, the harkatein had to be taken in the third time.. All the best and God bless..

Pritam - Mehbooba rendition was good because you sang it in your own style.. Pooja's attempt was good..

Aadesh - I totally agree with all the comments especially with what Shankar said..

Ashaji - I cant comment just after listening to one song of theirs.. Faizal could have sung some sufi song and Pooja should have sung from inside instead of singing just from the throat... She also added that I dont like to say all this, you people have just made me to sit here...

Next gharana to perform - Dhoom gharana

Arshad Mohommad sings Bhijuriya..
Singer - Sonu Nigam..

Rashi Ragshree sings Jaaiye aap kahaan jaayenge..
Singer - Asha Bhosle
Music Director - OP Nayyar

She says I have learnt from my parents when Aditya asked her from whom she has got the training,,.

Aadesh - To Arshad - Even though you have sore throat, you did a great job.. To Rashi he says - probably you have not listened to the song properly...

Shankar - Tells Arshad, I salute you for singing with such conviction... To Rashi he says, You have an inherent quality in your voice.. Your voice can be used very well You have to concentrate on pitching... You were singing flat all through out the song.. You were breaking the words for taking breathe..

Himesh - Ashaji will be able to comment on it better...

Pritam - Rashi can do much better and she should sing with more confidence..

Ashaji - Arshad sang well.. Maybe your throat is not in shape, but you sang well.. You were concentrating on dancing, it will be better if you give that attention towards your song.. Rashi you sang well.. You are staying in London and singing this well, thats a great job,.. The harkatein you are taking is natural and your voice is also good.. You need more confidence and sing in sur...

Next gharana - Rock Gharana..

Sunvinder Singh - How do you feel as you are the youngest among everyone.. He says, Im singing because of my father and god's grace.. I started practicing only before three years.. He sings Ek ajnabee haseena se yun mulaqat ho gayi...

Manisha Karmakar sings kambakt ishq hain jo.. Singer - Sunidhi Chauhan, Sukhwinder.. Music Director - Sandeep Chowta.

There is one word which is very close to you and that is chudail..


Shankar - Manisha, I loved your throw.. You have unique voice quality.. I want to work with you, Sunvinder... We will do something for sure..

Pritam - To sunvinder - We need singers like you, who can sing the song.. To Manisha - It could have been much sweeter..

Aadesh - To Sunvinder - You sang it with your own style.. To Manisha - Your throw was very good, so you should have concentrated on your scale..

Himesh - To Sunvinder - You are a very good singer.. You could have chosen much better song of this generation instead of the legendary singers song... He asks Sunvinder to sing Na Hona from Jab we met which he sang in audition round.. He asks Ashaji to listen to it..

After this there is a big fight on the sets.. Himesh wants to prove that we cannot bring one more Asha, Lata, Rafi or Kishore.. The contestants should sing the songs of the younger generation.. Ashaji tries to prove that anyone can become another Rafi, Lata with a proper training.. In the meanwhile, Aadesh says these singers are much better than those besura singers whose songs are always promoted and made a hit.. He was targetting at Atif and Pritam was trying to prove that with the voice quality and personality one can get popular.. He says, Atif has his own stand..

Now, Ashaji says, she will give training and make these contestants ready.. Himesh then starts promoting SRGMP and says this is the only place where you can get such people who are ready to train the contestants and asks his contestants to take blessings...

Last gharana to perform - Lakshya gharana

Snehandu sings Dil kya kare from Julie.. Singer - Kishore.. MD - Rajesh Roshan..

Pratibha Singh sings Aan milo sajna.. Singers - Parveen Sultana. MD - Uttam singh..


Aadesh - Pratibha, I want to congratulate you for singing this song.. Snehandu, you project yourself very well.. I got reminded of Bappida rather than Kishoreda..

Himesh - Pratibha, you were outstanding.. Snehandu, you could have sung better..

Pritam - Both Himesh and Aadesh have said what I want to say..

Shankar - I am happy that both have done well and have the kept the name high..

Ashaji - Snehandu, you were not hitting the right sur... Pratibha, you sing well.. I can see Bhai Begum Akhtar in your voice.. She says, she is having a sore throat...


Among the boys, Ashaji says, Arshad's voice is not proper and I liked how the way you sang even with this sore throat.. So, Arshad gets into the next round directly.. He is given a key by Ashaji and he opens the door of Chakravyuh door and enters into the next stage.. The others will get an opportunity to perform tomorrow..

Pritam - I asked him to sing from heart as he was very afraid regarding his sore throat... So, Im really proud of him..

Among the girls, Pratibha gets the direct entry into the 2nd round.. Pratibha gets the key to the second round...

Shankar - I knew Pratibha will get it.. Sur, Taal, Knowledge will definitely win when such great singer like Ashaji is here on the set for judging..

So, its Arshad from Dhoom gharana and Pratibha from Lakshya gharana to enter into the second round directly!!

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